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The most important factors when evaluating a boat are it's: Design, Materials, Manufacturing/Assembly and Performance. R&R Boatworks has incorporated the industry’s latest technology into its CONCH27® and CONCH33® limited production semi-custom models.

Design: The CONCH27® and our new CONCH33® were designed by renowned naval architects along with experienced offshore fisherman, specifically for the live-bait tournament fisherman. Low gunnels, clean clear fishing platform, huge multiple live wells & fishboxes are only some of the design features. The massive 3” full-height stringer grid system stiffen and provide maximum rigidity to the hull, unlike most production boats which utilize a “drop-in” liner and tubs. A traditional curved and crowned full transom, broken shear line, tumblehome aft hull sides, and sharp entry result in classic beauties.


Materials: Our boats are 100% composite using only the finest materials. Vinylester resins, Kevlar plies, multi-axial woven cloth sandwich foam core throughout the hull resulting in extremely high strength and lightweight parts. Our stringers are solid foam fully encapsulated with fiberglass laminates and reinforced with a carbon composite layer.



  • Our fiberglass manufacturing technology utilizes the state-of-the-art “V.I.R.” (Vacuum-Infused-Resin) process. This highly sophisticated “closed-molded” process is being used by only a few manufacturers. The results are a more consistent resin to cloth ratio, stronger and lighter parts, and an environmentally friendly process.
  • Stringers are hand-laminated to the hull bottom, sides, and sole with multiple layers of cloth and resin.
  • The sole underside is bonded to the stringer grid with epoxy adhesive, then hand-laminated with fiberglass in all areas with access (fishbox, livewells, bilge compartments, storage compartments, under console, anchor lockers, etc…). The sole top-side is then hand-laminated directly to the hull sides with multiple layers of woven cloth & resin.
  • The cap is bonded to the hull with an adhesive, thru-bolted, laminated with fiberglass from the inside, creating an extremely strong joint and resistant to flexing and water intrusion.
  • Hardware is heavy duty stainless steel, thru-bolted (wherever possible) using backing plates and locking nuts.
  • Fuel tanks installation surpasses industry standards. They are sourced from an industry leader. The 100% aluminum tanks are sealed with a “tar coating”, mounted on a “special” bed under each baffle, bolted to the stringers in multiple places, foamed in place with high density closed cell liquid foam, completely sealed with fiberglass matt, then reinforced and bonded to the stringers and hull sides with a heavy fiberglass laminate.

Performance: A 22.5 degree deadrise at the transom transitioning into a sharp entry bow section, lifting strakes accompanied with a large reverse chine, provides a soft, dry, stable ride. There are no flexing, vibrating, or hollow sounds when she runs, even in the most demanding sea conditions.

If you are a serious tournament fisherman and desire only the best, please contact us and reserve a production slot.

“We build one-at-a-time for a select few”.

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